About The Store

David & Katie’s Amish Store is a locally owned and operated store located in Homer, Georgia. Owner, Bo Garrison, established David & Katie’s Amish Store in 2006 to provide the community with a unique shopping experience.

We purchase thousands of items in bulk masses and provide them to the community at a discounted price. These items are purchased in bulk, but sold to our consumers in smaller quantities. Packaging is simply and we have little overhead involved in our store. 

What does this mean to our consumer? Name brand items at a cheaper price. There is no membership needed to take advantage of the hundreds of unique items we sell.

Everything is our store is very unique. We strive to bring excellent quality items to our consumers without all the fancy prices. Our store is simple but unique. 

What can you find at David & Katie's Amish Store?
·        Homemade jam and jelly
·        Spice and flavoring
·        Sugar free candy and food
·        Old fashioned candy and soda
·        Hand dipped ice cream
·        A variety of flour, wheat, and grain
·        Pasta, rice, bean
·        Dried fruit and produce
·        Fresh produce
·        Black Angus beef
·        Hormone free chicken, cheese, and deli meat
·        Fresh sausage
·        Amish butter
·        Milk
·        Amish furniture, toys, aprons, hats, and much more!

Do not forget you can order items in bulk!!

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